15) 1st Arcadia Tournament with $1000 Prize Pool

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3 min readJul 17, 2022

Introducing, the Arcadia Tournament. Users from all over the World, of all abilities, will compete in topping the Arcadia Daily Challenge for a chance to go head-to-head with the best, and win cash prizes.

The edition for this tournament is Hoop Shot.

The Tournament will span over 10 days, consisting of 1 round per day.

Each round consists of 3 stages: Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals.

The tournament will kick off with qualifying stages. The qualifying stages will determine who will compete. Users will need to occupy one of the top 8 places on the Arcadia Daily leaderboard for a chance to compete against one another in the Round for a chance to win $100 USDT.

Users will face head-to-head for 2 minutes.
The player with the higher score will proceed to the next leg of the tournament, where they’ll face their next opponent.
The contestant with the lower score will not continue in the round.

Times and Dates

Saturday 16th July will mark the first day of the Arcadia Tournament

At 8AM UTC, the top 8 people on the Arcadia Daily Challenge Leader board will be invited to participate in the tournament round at 2PM UTC. This will repeat daily until the tournament ends on the 31st of July.

The qualifying stages will end every day at 12AM.

A Telegram group chat will be formed between the Tournament organizers and the 8 participants to communicate.

If any of the top 8 qualifiers are unresponsive to the invitation, the subsequent users who topped the Arcadia Daily Challenge leaderboard will qualify and be invited to participate.

The same applies if a qualifier does not show up for the tournament round.

Where will the tournament be held?

Live on Zoom at 2PM UTC. all users will be able to join and watch the action live as the participants go head-to-head for $100 USDT.

*Disclaimer: The Zoom link will be provided on our official social media.

What are the terms of the tournament?

  • Participants must be verified users on the Legion Network Super-App
  • - Update your app if you haven’t via Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • - Go to “Profile”.
  • - Next to your username should be a blue “Verified” badge or a grey “Unverified” badge.
  • *If you are unverified, please speak to support or a member of the moderation team for direct assistance.
  • Participants must change their username to their telegram handle
  • Any language that does not align with our community guidelines will result in a warning. If ignored, a formal disqualification will be issued.
  • Participants must edit their telegram settings so they are eligible to be invited to groups.
  • - Go to “Settings”.
  • - Go to “Privacy and Security”.
  • - Go to “Groups & Channels”.
  • - Opt for “Everybody”.
  • *Disclaimer: Please be safe and do not click on any links. We will never send any links or confirm you as a qualifier for one of the Tournament rounds, without announcing you on our social media.
  • Any use of auto-clickers or any other performance-enhancing technology will result in disqualification, followed by an immediate ban from future tournaments.
Crypto Prizes


First-place winners will receive $100 USDT to their Legion Wallet.

What can we expect in the future?

Users can expect frequent competitions, fierce competitors, further integration within the Legion Super-App for ease of use when engaging in the tournaments, and much more. Future Arcadia Tournaments will aim to collaborate with Brands, Businesses, and Influencers alike; to host exciting tournaments with some incredible prizes and rewards.

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