9) All About the Legion Network Super App 2.0 & Other Exciting News

Legion Network
3 min readMar 30, 2022
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It has been a busy time for us all — we have had phenomenal feedback and traction with our Super App launch on 10th Jan 2022 and have put in place some exciting plans to propel Legion Network to the next level.

Since the app launch, we have:

• Gained close to 4 million app downloads
• Trended in over 100 countries
• Reached #1 on Play Store in more than 20 countries
• Amassed a combined total of nearly 700k followers across all social media channels
• Came 1st out of 50 projects in the 9th edition of the Dubai Global Blockchain Congress where we won $2M in funding
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Our current road map predicted we would reach 1 million users by Q3, and we have far exceeded expectations. Safe to say it has been an absolute ride, and we are ready to go for bigger and better.

Due to the huge demand and growth in userbase, we are scaling up all departments within the company. We are making a few necessary transitions to accommodate our plans moving forward.

Our Token Generation Event (TGE); Arguably the most important and highly anticipated part of our roadmap, will be postponed to the 20th of April 2022. This decision was met with the best interest of the company in mind.

What can we expect leading up to April 20th?:

1) A major scale-up in our infrastructure and security. It is imperative that we prioritize the safety and protection of the company and all users.
We have hired an excellent team of cybersecurity professionals to implement enterprise-grade security around our entire ecosystem.

2) We have hired a new specialized marketing team to run multiple viral marketing activities leading up to the launch. We aim to push Legion Network’s company awareness further during this time, resulting in even stronger demand for LGX once listed.

3) Legion Super App 2.0 will launch with many new modules and features added.

We are confident we will break the previous record we set with this new version!

Further updates pertaining to our community can be found via our Discord and Telegram channels within the next 24 hours as it is vital that all parties involved in making this project a success are informed about our decisions.

You can join our community here:

There’s much more in store for you all:

  • NFT Drops — 2 massive celebrity influencer partnerships
  • Legion Wallet v2
  • A wider range of games on Arcadia
  • New rewards campaign for sharing the app
  • Upgraded support system
  • Major IDO partnerships
  • Strategic partnerships with top-tier VCs will be announced over the coming days
  • Top-tier YouTube influencer partnerships

Benefits for current members:

  • Potential massive burn event
  • Rewards will be able to be claimed a month earlier
  • Users can stake their locked tokens and benefit
  • Legion partner program

The vision continues to expand as we are committed to creating a powerful and secure ecosystem for the community to benefit from. This means we will always be growing and improving by providing new opportunities and solutions to the market. We are truly grateful for all the support from this incredible community — we couldn’t do this without you all.

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