8) Empower Academy: A New, Revolutionary e-Learning Platform for Budding Entrepreneurs & Business Professionals

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9 min readJan 30, 2022


Legion Network brings the first e-learning platform Empower Academy, where course creators and learners can engage in digital learning without inhibitions, and learners can even get rewarded in crypto for completing their courses. This article discusses what Empower Academy by Legion is all about.

Legion Network is a first-of-its-kind application in the blockchain industry that provides a platform for users to create, exchange, rent, compare, or request NFTs for their business or brand by using the best services in the industry in a single super app. It is a revolutionary addition to the blockchain ecosystem that advances swiftly to be on top of the crypto world. Legion Network envisions creating a unified platform for all entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, and creators and enabling them to use cutting-edge technologies to make their contribution and participation fruitful and reap enormous benefits.

Among the many valuable projects from Legion is the Empower Academy that uses state-of-the-art technologies to impart education to entrepreneurs and professionals. With its unique tools, strategies, and methods, it possesses all the potential to become a comprehensive knowledge hub for businesspeople and professionals.

What Comprises Legion’s Revolutionary Ecosystem?

Legion Network is evolving to traverse through various areas of interest to make diverse avenues available to people without any effort or research of their own. Some of the innovative components of Legion’s revolutionary ecosystem, besides Empower Academy, include the following.

  • Bluemoon: Legion brings a user-friendly and collaborative NFT marketplace that facilitates the collaboration of artists with brands and the community. Bluemoon is the perfect place to utilise NFTs optimally by engaging in the creation, sales, comparison, swapping, and even renting of NFTs!
  • Arcadia: Games that let one earn, that too not by merely playing it, but also participating in its design technically, are rare and desirable. Finding such games in the blockchain ecosystem is even more so. However, Legion Network makes the option possible via Arcadia, a gaming platform that presents players with daily challenges and rewards them with NFT prizes, cash, and the crypto currency in the form of the Legion token (LGX).
  • Rewards: Another highlight of the Legion Network is its Rewards — where community giveaways are conducted weekly. Each week, there are different tasks relating to user acquisition and business expansion where the compliers are duly rewarded.
  • Bizpad: Launching later this year — Legion Bizpad is the gateway to multiple business applications and software that enables businesses to scale and grow their organisations effortlessly. With Legion Bizpad, there is assurance that users work with the latest version of an application with its most advanced features in operation.

The Need For a Revolutionary e-Learning Platform for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Times are fast-changing, and this past decade has seen the rise of Blockchain tech and DeFi (Decentralised Finance). Although technologists and people who want to do away with the nuances of centralisation have welcomed them, Blockchain and its use-cases have not been able to truly penetrate the SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses). One significant reason these businesses have not been able to leverage technologies such as Blockchain is a lack of genuine and budget-friendly resources and the absence of a collaborative environment. And, to give you an idea about the potential Blockchain and its applications hold, consider NFTs, an emerging area with immense potential. Billions of dollars have been transacted in NFT to date, and the profits will keep increasing. However, the market is being explored and dominated by a select few. Hence, it is required to spread awareness and make NFT education available to all interested enterprises, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

There is a need for online courses and e-learning platforms that educate individuals while providing them with the autonomy to manage their learning. Businesspeople at all levels also need to update knowledge in their fields with the latest information to stay competitive. Growth-seeking professionals in today’s era are eager to listen to the experts in their field who impart knowledge through meaningful interaction with fellow learners.

What Are The Challenges Involved in e-Learning?

E-learning is often dismissed by many because they find it ineffective in the real world. People wonder how an educator’s pre-recorded video can be of any use to them. The general notion is that e-learning merely provides the content for the learner to make sense of it on their own. Such bland presentation of knowledge is a major concern bothering e-learners, particularly the professionals or entrepreneurs looking for insight, performance, and certification. As such, a dull approach to teaching (either online or offline) has never yielded results. Legion Network tries to eliminate this factor and several other challenges to e-learning via its innovative education platform. Following are some of the obstacles involved in e-learning that are commonly seen:

  • Interface: Individuals often enrol for courses and leave them midway. Online courses and e-learning have made life easier, but at the same time, people want to put in minimal effort. There is now a competition among digital platforms to be the most easy-to-use, simple, and user-friendly application. Unlike the interface of an entertainment application like a game or movie screening app, learning has something to do with the user’s cognitive skills. Not everyone is equally motivated to put in the extra effort to find their way through an e-learning application’s seemingly complex interface.
  • Learner Engagement: E-learning platforms come up with video lessons by some of the most eminent scholars, and indeed the content they bring is so rich that it can easily replace in-person classes. However, the reality is that several e-learning courses fail to grab learners’ attention. Long monotonous lectures without any accompanying task for brainstorming activity fail to interest them.
  • Cognitive Overload: E-learning platforms usually provide courses and certifications with a very well-thought-out lesson plan. Each module is designed to ensure that a full circle of knowledge is presented to the learners. However, this presentation of complex or technical concepts one after the other without any interactive activities to understand them deeply often leads to a cognitive overload where learners find it difficult to register and recall all the information they have received.
  • Technology: The growing number of e-learning programs available today is proof of people’s wholehearted acceptance of technology. However, this shift from traditional classes to online digital platforms can hinder learning if not executed well. Digital transformation is fast-paced enough to create a predicament for educationists on what tools, software, or gadgets to incorporate into the knowledge-imparting process. Therefore, they must be more judicious in selecting the methods and means to education. They must ensure leveraging the best technological possibilities and course design strategies that provide the maximum benefit and ease of use to the learners while ensuring they don’t get lost in a technology maze.
  • Application: Learners, irrespective of their age, move towards progress through continuous learning and practice. Thus, e-learning platforms, like traditional learning institutions, need to provide learners with ample opportunities to apply their acquired knowledge in practical situations. Merely feeding information won’t benefit the learners; neither will it be a testament to the understanding of the online instructors.
  • Human Touch: In the endeavour to digitalise education, many have lost the human touch. It is essential to humanise the digital content so that asynchronous sessions can compensate for the lack of synchronous and interactive sessions. The use of Web 2.0 tools, multimodal resources, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and other hand-picked digital educational strategies are needed to bring a human touch to the world of e-learning.

The Solution to Challenges — Empower Academy

Legion Network has introduced the Empower Academy e-learning platform to eliminate the various challenges associated with e-learning, such as technological barriers, lack of a learner-centred and interactive approach, absence of application-testing and practical activities, navigation difficulties, etc. This one-of-its-kind learning platform is ideal for entrepreneurs, budding and experienced professionals, and everyone eager to learn.

The certifications earned by attending Legion’s e-learning platform empower people in the truest sense as they provide a range of exclusive courses for members to choose from. This revolutionary platform goes beyond traditional video lectures and incorporates podcasts and interviews with field experts and successful entrepreneurs. The studies at Empower Academy do not merely include impersonal content videos or motivational interactions with influential people. They also customise courses to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs in various industries. Learners can participate in live workshops and apply the knowledge they have received during their studies. Thus, Legion Network’s academy empowers entrepreneurs on all levels and enables them never to cease acquiring and mastering new skills and business strategies.

What to Expect in Empower Academy?

Empower Academy will introduce a multifaceted approach to e-learning wherein learners gain a rich, multimodal learning experience. The platform caters to entrepreneurs and professionals looking to enhance their field-specific knowledge by curating video lectures, podcasts, interviews, and live sessions for the learning resources designed for a particular specialisation. Empower Academy provides courses suitable for all levels of entrepreneurship and even rewards members in cryptocurrency on their successful completion.

Legion Network members enrolling for Empower Academy courses can receive the following benefits:

  • A Variety Of Courses: There is something of interest for everyone in the wide variety of courses Empower Academy provides for its members. In today’s competitive world, entrepreneurs need to keep themselves updated and stay ahead of their competitors. The customised e-learning courses and the added interactive and informative sessions and podcasts ensure that budding entrepreneurs gain insights from the best minds in their respective fields.
  • Podcasts: One often learns better by following the journey of others in the field. Empower Academy facilitates this vital aspect of healthy learning. It provides course-takers with a changed perspective, motivation, and valuable insights by presenting podcasts of distinguished entrepreneurs’ growth trajectory, success stories, and experiences. These podcasts can be listened to on the go and with ease.
  • Interviews: Much like podcasts, Empower Academy incorporates interviews with eminent personalities into the course. It further adds to members’ knowledge base and helps them consolidate their learnings.

How You Can Benefit From Empower Academy

With these many features and the scope of expanding one’s knowledge base and increasing one’s worth, Empower Academy is undoubtedly the valuable fountain of knowledge all entrepreneurs wish to have. Here is how one can benefit from Legion Network’s e-learning platform:

  • Unique Content: Empower Academy equips the learners with unique educational content and introduces them to the perspectives of eminent people in business. Getting information from the best in the field gives them an upper hand over their contemporaries.
  • Excitement: With Empower Academy, learning never gets tedious. An innovative approach to even the most complex content makes learning exciting and less daunting. Legion’s academy motivates learners with rewards upon course completion and through the gamification of education. Thus, it leaves no chance for learning to seem like an ordeal at any point in time.
  • Earn Crypto Currency: Each course completed on Empower Academy will reward the user with crypto currency in the form of LGX (Legion Token). This concept allows users to ‘learn-to-earn’ or ‘watch-to-earn’ which is an innovative new way of learning that encourages users to learn.
  • Credibility: The blockchain mastery course currently available on Empower Academy is CPD Accredited and certified by the Dubai Blockchain Centre, giving it credibility and allowing users to include this completed course on their list of skills or CV. The credibility that comes with these accreditations means you can be sure that you’re learning high-quality and value packed information.

Final Words

The Legion Network strives to create an all-in-one Blockchain ecosystem that offers a collaborative NFT marketplace, games, business applications, and Empower Academy. It makes communication, collaboration, and learning possible at a single platform powered by its native token, LGX.

Legion community members can have a hassle-free learning experience at the Empower Academy e-learning platform. All the challenges to e-learning mentioned above get addressed with the advanced learning options that Empower Academy makes available to its learners. Its unique features make it a revolutionary e-learning platform.

Download the Legion Network super app and start earning crypto currency for learning!


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