Latest Exploit Sees Ex-Employee Steal From Their Launchpad Pool

Ex-employee continues to steal from launchpads pools

The Legion Network team has discovered through their own investigations that the (Launchpad) Legion Token pool has been compromised by a employee and all LGX tokens that should have been locked over 7 months, have been removed and sold on a decentralised exchange.

This is the claimed attackers wallet address:

This is the affected pool address: have privately acknowledged this attack, and apologised to the Legion Network team, however they have intentionally decided not to formally update their own community, pool members, and the Legion Network community. This extremely selfish approach has allowed to continue business as usual and attract many other projects to their exploited services.

No offers have been made by the team to co-operate with Legion Network to minimise the impact for the Legion Token. The team insisted their pools are Certik Certified, however no audit reports have been shared. insisted their pools are Certik Certified, however no audit reports have been shared.

“This lack of public transparency from the team is awful, if we didn’t do our own checks they wouldn’t have mentioned it. It is extremely concerning especially when everything is already transparent on the Blockchain. We expect and demand a formal announcement from regarding the Legion pool, and a message to all of the users who have had their funds stolen.” Athar Ahmed — CEO Legion Network

Legion Network offered to do the vesting multiple times for, however they were adamant they lock in their own smart contract pool which we now understand was created by an employee who had previously been questioned for his integrity and honesty.

This explains the enormous selling pressure over the last week, and has caused an upset to our plan of a very controlled and gradual release for the Legion token.

The team bizarrely explained they will not be making another announcement as this attack stems from a previous attack.

It is quite absurd that the team has not addressed this at all publicly, and there are many signs of a potential targeted attack on Legion Network.

Legion Network is working extremely hard to minimise any impacts this has caused for the project and the Legion Token. Due to the non complicity from, Legion Network has begun buying back LGX tokens that the hacker has been selling.

The Legion Network team has also decided to support and work hand in hand with those users who have been affected by the exploited pool on, a channel for communication will be announced shortly.

Legion Network has been in touch with their legal team in order to take the necessary steps to hold accountable those responsible for the exploit and gross negligence.



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