Legion Network Launches Most Anticipated Blockchain Super App

Features Within the Legion Network Super App

Watch Legion Arcadia Video:

Legion Arcadia
CPD Certified Blockchain Courses

Legion Network Key Investors and Backers

+50 Top VCs and Launch Partners

LGX Successful Token Launch

First Place Winners at the 9th Edition of Agora Dubai Global Blockchain Congress Event 🏆

Legion Network Team and Roadmap

What is next for Legion Network?

  • Release Legion Super App V2
  • Staking
  • Wallet V2
  • New Games in Legion Arcadia
  • Added Cryptos to buy, sell, and swap
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Token Burn Event
  • Viral Marketing Campaign
  • Legion Launchpad
  • NFT Drops
  • Website and App UI/UX Revamp
  • Launch Bluemoon NFT Marketplace
  • What is Bluemoon?
Bluemoon Video
  • Launch of Bluemoon Metaverse
  • New CEX Listings



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Legion Network

Legion Network

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