16) Legion Network: So Far & What’s Next?

Legion Network
7 min readSep 1, 2022


So Far…

⭐ Breaking App Download Record

Let us take you back to January 10th, the launch of Legion Network Super-App. We had one goal, to acquire 100,000 users within the first 3 months. We had submitted the app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store and within three days; to our delight, we had been approved. Boom! The app is now live…
Our first 1000 downloads quickly become our first 10,000 which quickly becomes our first 100,000. 15 Days later we had cracked 1 million downloads! We couldn’t believe it. 45 days later, we surpassed 3.5 million downloads. By this point, we had increased our expected growth by 3,400% at 18.2x the expected speed. Alongside this, our website during that period had surpassed 40 million views! What was most surprising is that we didn’t need to touch our allocated marketing budget. The reception and demand for LGX with little to no marketing was unprecedented. Safe to say the old roadmap was out the window and some structural changes were in order.

⭐ 1st Place out of 50 Startups

Following the success of the launch, Legion Network (LGX) quickly became among the top 3 most watched tokens on CoinMarketCap having trended in over 100 countries and reaching number one in Google Playstore in more than 20 countries. Consequently, increased interest from international businesses, launchpads, exchanges, etc started rolling in.
We quickly became an award-winning business having achieved first place at the Agora Blockchain Global Congress out of 50 projects; voted exclusively by 170 pre-qualified investors. This was massive for us as our efforts were being recognized in a major way by credible individuals that gave us some great feedback on how we can improve and stay sharp; which we’ve since implemented. Subsequently, we were granted the opportunity to receive $2 million in additional funding and professional advisory in Berlin, Germany from Agora which was a great honor.

⭐ 50+ Partners & Backers

Legion Network is backed by numerous companies and over 30 launchpads including Shima Capital, LVT Capital, Master Ventures, OXO Capital, Alfa Catalyst, and Sheesha Finance.

+50 Top VCs and Launch Partners

In addition to these critical backers, Legion Network has been exclusively listed on Bybit and PancakeSwap where $LGX can be traded. Bybit has over 2 million users, and often reaches over $10 billion in daily trading volume.

⭐ 120,000 Early Supporters Rewarded

Among all these incredible stats, we had the looming question of when rewards were due to be distributed and how we would do so.
We were working tirelessly to consider our best options for achieving our goal of ensuring all legitimate users were being compensated for their efforts.
After installing a new security system that detects real users, those that were verified as legitimate were assigned a “Verified” badge which their referrals also received within a 17-day period. Within that time we amassed over 250,000 verified members of which 120,000 individual qualified and verified users received their LGX rewards.

Within the month of July, we held a 10-day Arcadia Tournament where users would compete against each other in a 1v1 Hoop Shot competition for the chance to win $100 USD each day. This kick-started the battle of the nations where users would compete in various games and challenges to earn their country trophies. We are due to hold further tournaments for users to compete and we intend to optimize the app to accommodate such gameplay experiences.

Upon our next app update, many users that are currently unverified will be verified. Subsequently, they will be able to earn rewards from Arcadia, by playing games; topping the leaderboard in Daily Challenge, and also from Empower by completing certified courses.

Massively Successful Bluemoon Metaverse Events

In May 2022 we worked closely with Wicked N Bad, one of the UK's top influencer boxing companies to host their event; Wicked N Bad 3 live in the Bluemoon Metaverse. The event amassed 22,000 attendees and is scheduled to return for Wicked N Bad 4 on September 18th.

Bluemoon Hosts First Boxing Match In The Metaverse! 🥊

Further, into the year, we hosted a 10-hour Metaverse event for Driven, a US Financial Education company which was a great success! The event featured a wide array of South American stars such as the former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum.

🎯 Q4 Targets

  • Building further into the US and European markets.
  • Further use cases for the Legion Token (LGX).
  • Additional revenue streams.
  • Listing on more Tier 1 exchanges.
  • Establishing partnerships with Tier 1 KOLs, projects, brands, and businesses.
  • Redesign of the Legion Network website and a full revamp of the Legion Super App.
  • Launch of Bluemoon Metaverse.
  • Launch of Bluemoon NFT Marketplace.
  • Strong communication and collaboration with existing partners, backers, and the community. This will include fortnightly email newsletters, regular updates on all socials, and additional communication channels.
New Legion Super App Revamp

🚀 How we are building the utility of the Legion Token (LGX)

  • Users will need LGX to access premium courses in Empower.
  • Users will need LGX to access tournaments in Arcadia.
  • Users will need LGX to access to submit proposals for upcoming games on Arcadia.
  • Users will need LGX to get whitelisted for projects on the Legion Launchpad.
  • Users will need LGX to get whitelisted for projects on NFT Drops.
  • Users will need LGX to gain extra BOLTS within the app.
  • LGX will be the primary form of access for Bluemoon features
    - Land sale
    - Payment method in the Bluemoon Metaverse
    - Payment method in the Bluemoon Marketplace
  • Buyback & burn a % from external revenue in Legion Network.
    - Revenue from Arcadia In-App purchases
    - Mobile Ad Revenue
    - Legion Launchpad listing fee
    - NFT Drops listing fee
    - Bluemoon Marketplace fee (buy, sell, rent, swap, competition listing)
    - Land sale
  • In-App Crypto purchases.
  • Early un-staking fee in the app.

🤩 Revamp of the App with New Features:

Rebranded App UI

User experience is paramount to us. This new and improved app UI will adhere to our values of promoting ease, efficiency, innovation, and professionalism.

Rewards Marketplace

Bolts obtained from completing tasks can be spent in the In-App Rewards Marketplace which will feature an array of redeemable prizes including, crypto, NFTs, also goods, and services.

New Games in Arcadia

Pick your poison… Action, RPG, Racing, Strategy, Sports… a new game will be added to Arcadia. The future of the platform can expect an increased number of more complex games with increased visual appeal; games that users know and love.

New Courses in Empower

Empower Academy will equip learners with a unique instructive experience through various forms of content such as podcasts, videos, live workshops, and more. Users can expect Metaverse Courses, NFT Courses, and new Crypto courses.

New Points System

BOLTS Coming Soon…….

NFT Drops

This NFT Drop App module will enable users to buy into early-stage NFT projects directly via fiat or cryptocurrency within the app. This mitigates the safety risks by hosting these drops within a secure app vs. the familiar website releases that are often prone to be duplicated. NFT Drops allow projects to tap into the warm market of Legion’s vast community of blockchain enthusiasts; consisting of avid gamers, known crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and enthusiastic investors.

NFT Launchpad

Legion Launchpad will allow users to easily participate in early-stage blockchain startups, crypto, and NFT projects. $LGX stakers will have tiered access to a series of participation amounts. Legion Launchpad will be accessible via the Legion Super App; which mitigates the safety risks previously mentioned.

Gamification: Badges, Profiles, etc.

We will be incorporating achievement badges as well as new app profile styles.

Updated Staking Capabilities

Users will experience an updated UI for their staking section which will showcase data such as when they started staking, how much they are staking, the number of rewards they are due to receive, etc.

Bluemoon Marketplace

Bluemoon NFT Marketplace x NFT Drops Launching Soon!
  • Buy and Sell NFTs.
  • Compare NFTs to make informed decisions on your purchases and trades.
  • Rent NFTs for a set period of time by putting up collateral.
  • Swap NFTs with other users on the platform.
  • Competitions: Collaborate with brands and influencers and compete with other creators to create the best NFT.
  • Social: Comment, Review, and Rate NFT projects and build your own social profile.
  • Gamification: Earn badges and points by interacting and engaging with the platform.
  • Multichain: ERC-20, BEP-20, and Polygon.
  • Crypto and Fiat payment options.

A dedicated article will be released for Bluemoon soon… Stay tuned! 👀

📓 Our Official Gitbook is available below.
This will be the direct source for all of our important information which will be consistently updated.

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