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6 min readJul 2, 2022


The long-awaited V2 of the Legion Network Super App is approaching. We experienced a massively successful launch with the beta version of the app and are now ramping things up with the release of V2. We massively appreciate the patience and support of the community.

As a token of our appreciation we have decided to stick with original proposed date of March and backdate all payments; making the months from March to July claimable as of July 20th. We felt this was necessary as it would allow those of you who have supported us to claim up to 60% of your rewards at one given time. All role holders will be eligible to claim 100% of their rewards; as promised.

We hope the community appreciates the team’s efforts as this will serve as a fresh opportunity to build in a safe, efficient ecosystem, rid of all that have tried to poison it.

So, how will the rewards be paid out?

Instead of Month 1 of rewards pay-outs being July 20th, we will stick to our words of March 20th being Month 1. This means that when users start claiming their rewards on July 20th, they’ll get the rewards as followed:

20% from March | 10% from April | 10% from May | 10% from June | 10% from July all at once on July 20th 2022 (a 60% reward pay-out). The remaining will be claimed on the consecutively as followed: 10% in August | 10% in September | 10% in October | 10% in November.

Who will be eligible to claim rewards?

Over the past few weeks, our development team worked very closely with other fraud prevention companies to build a robust system that will filter out all users who have misused our rewards system.

We will have a zero- tolerance policy towards cheaters, considering the amount of damage they have caused the company and their impatient approach to demanding tokens they don’t deserve. Not only were they responsible for attempting to tarnish the project, they were equally responsible for the delay in pay-outs for real members who helped build the Legion Community from the beginning.

Users will be deemed verified or unverified as soon as they update the Legion App and sign-in. Our systems will monitor the behaviour, device (No more than two logins per device), activity, disposable emails, proxy’s, emulators, among many other factors that will be taken into account. Each user will be given an internal score which will determine if the user is genuine.

Once you get verified, you will receive a verified badge on your profile and you will unlock your 34 LGX for downloading the app. It is your duty to go and inform your referrals to do the same. As your referrals start getting verified, their 34 LGX will start showing up on your claim page. If any of your referrals are deemed unverified for any of the reasons previously stated, they will not be receiving the 34 LGX for downloading the app and neither will you.

After giving it significant thought, we have come to the decision that this is the fairest way. It is only fair that everyone gets compensated for their real referrals, which will be determined by the 20th of July.

Why 20th of July and not today?

The reason we are allowing all users to claim on the 20th of July is because our rewards claiming system has been built in a way where whilst people are getting verified, users will not be able to claim. We need one to conclude before the other can commence. We will be providing a poll on our Twitter which will be active for a week. This poll will serve to determine if the community would like to extend the date.

We believe 20 days is sufficient for all users active or inactive to be notified and take action on the news. This will also allow enough time for users with high referrers to create sufficient content to spread the good news to their audiences. This responsibility will solely be dependent on all of the referrers, community leaders, influences etc that have been patiently waiting for their rewards.

Which rewards will be distributed and how?

34 LGX for downloading the app and 34 LGX for referring users will follow the vesting schedule mentioned above. Similarly, with the Empower rewards and the Daily Challenge rewards that were earned from February 14th to launch of V2 of that app will follow the same vesting schedule.

The good news is moving forward of the launch of V2, users will be able to claim rewards for Arcadia and Rewards on the day they’re rewarded (no vesting schedule).


  1. When downloading the Legion V2 App, users will be prompted to either import a wallet or create a new wallet. We DO NOT RECOMMEND users import their old Legion V1 Wallets because many users fell for scams that were run online and in the groups, claiming to be from Legion Support.
  2. When claiming rewards you will be asked for a wallet address. This wallet address will be permanently attached to your account. We urge that all users keep a hold of their credentials and secure them. This includes your seed phrase and your private key.
  3. For security purposes, we have built in a feature that disconnects a user’s wallet from the app. That way if for whatever reason all the security features manage to get bypassed for whatever reason, a users wallet will never be compromised.

Additional Features in Legion App v2

Staking for additional features

You can now stake your LGX to gain many benefits within the ecosystem such as more turns on Arcadia Daily Challenge, More entries on Legion Rewards, and many more features coming soon!

Wallet V2

Legion Wallet is a non-custodial solution that allows users to swap, buy, sell, and stake in their tokens in one place. For the launch of V2, users can expect an array of cryptocurrencies represented by their ticker symbols to be present within the Legion Super App. Users will also be able to import and export any wallet into the Legion Super App. Buying, Selling tokens as well as staking Legion Network’s native token; LGX, will be possible with the new and improved Legion Wallet.

Users can buy over 80 cryptocurrencies in 160 plus countries worldwide with their debit or credit card with one simple click via Moonpay. V2 of the wallet will also be supported as a chrome extension for web based transactions.


Following the growth of Wallet V2, users will be able to view NFTs from multiple chains directly within the Legion Wallet.


Legion Super App has expanded it’s territory from Binance Smart Chain to now support and integrate Ethereum, Polygon, and Gatechain into its ecosystem, bringing everything we love about all four chains to one place.

Claim Rewards

Legion Network have now introduced an automated claiming process for acquired tokens during Seed, Private, and IDO stages. Every month, users will gain access to their claimable tokens within V2 of the app which they can either claim to stake, claim to use, or leave. Tokens that aren’t claimed will not disappear and do not follow a countdown of any kind.

Similarly rewards attained via Arcadia will follow a similar format. Users will be able to view their rewards attained via playing games on Arcadia’s daily challenge and will be able to claim those earned rewards following the vesting schedule.

Arcadia’s current rewards have been reset as the team have successfully removed all fake and bot accounts, allowing all users to have a fair clean canvas to the leaderboard and win the daily challenge.

⚠️ Compromised Wallets ⚠️

For any users that have experienced a loss of tokens when transacting from your Legion Wallet elsewhere, it would appear your private key has been compromised. This occurs when users have either accidentally visited dodgy sites, clicked sophisticated phishing links, or even saved their details on an already compromised device.

The Legion Network team have recommended that a user in this scenario changes their passcodes to ensure safety for future use.

Extra Security

Upgraded security within V2 of the Super App will detect all fake accounts and blacklist them to ensure fair use for all users involved.

So, what’s next?

Release of V2.1 (Scheduled end of August 2022)

  • New Points System
  • New Games
  • New Videos (Empower)
  • New dApps
  • New UI revamp

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