10) Super App Rewards Update:

It’s time to claim your LGX with Legion App Rewards!

Legion Network
4 min readApr 24, 2022

Legion Rewards, one of the many facets of the multidimensional super app, allows users to claim weekly rewards by completing simple tasks within the application. With over 4 million downloads in as little as 90 days, this super app is giving back to its loyal users with endless prizes.

Legion Rewards is not one of those platforms that merely promises rewards to gain more users. Instead, they allocate 30% of its tokens to the community, ensuring enough tokens to reward all participants.

Users can unlock 20 percent of their rewards on April 24, with the remaining 80 percent unlocked over the course of the next year.

What are Legion Rewards?

Legion Rewards is a community giveaway platform where users can share the app, complete simple tasks every week and win weekly giveaways and prizes.

What can I win?

  • LGX Tokens: Transacting on the Legion platform requires users to deal in its native token LGX, and what better way to increase the tokens in the wallet than completing easy tasks to gain free LGX tokens every week.
  • Crypto/NFT Prizes: Along with LGX tokens, users also have a chance to win weekly crypto/NFT prizes and rewards. Users can instantly transfer them to their wallets. Earning extra rewards doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Tangible prizes such as Tech (Phones, VR Headsets), Merch, Access Passes!

How do I claim the rewards?

ELIGIBLE users will be airdropped their tokens for the First Month (24th April) and their remaining tokens can be claimed every month through the new version of the Legion Super App starting on the 20th of May 2022.

The airdrop process has started! Due to the high number of qualified users, the airdrop may take longer for some users to receive, but rest assured all eligible members will receive the tokens as soon as their wallet address transfer is executed in the smart contract.

We are also excited to confirm the new version of the Legion Network Super App is launching soon, and all future claiming for LGX rewards will be available in the claim area of the app. This will also allow users to store, stake and withdraw their earnings in a safe and secure portal.

Only eligible users will be receiving rewards.

Users who have broken our Terms & Conditions will be banned from claiming their rewards and will not be counted as an eligible user.

“Furthermore, Any duplicate accounts or accounts created via emulators and bots in order to misuse any promotional offers, may result in the termination of all accounts connected to it including the Original Account.”

Banned users will have a 30 day window to appeal the decision.

The Appeals process is now open.

Users will need to submit an appeal if they feel they should have been eligible. The form will be open for appeals for 30 days. After which the team will review each appeal diligently and make a decision.

Appeal form: http://bit.ly/38vuuqA

Recent Security Updates:

As you all may be aware, a group who attempted to hack our Discord server were temporarily able to modify role permissions in the server with the intention to harm the company and scam our users with phishing links.

The good news is we’ve had multiple hack attempts over the past few months but the team has always managed to handle the situation swiftly.

We have up to date external records of all Discord role holders as well as badge holders. These will all be reinstated in due time.

Our cyber security team is working around the clock to implement a zero trust framework and working towards implementing industry standard Enterprise Architecture, Information Security and Quality Assurance frameworks.

Join the community today and discover the infinite possibilities that Legion Network has to offer including:

  • Bluemoon: A collaborative user-generated marketplace
  • Arcadia: A play-to-earn gaming platform
  • Empower: An easy-to-use online watch to earn education platform
  • Rewards: Weekly rewards earned through easy in-app tasks

Stay tuned to learn more in-depth details about the many features Legion Network has to offer.

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About Legion Network:

Legion Network is the best of blockchain in one decentralised super app. Legion’s ecosystem consists of collaborative NFT platforms and Metaverses, endless watch-to-earn educational courses, a core of essential DeFi applications, innovative SaaS business solutions and rewarding play-to-earn arcade games. Legion Network’s mission is to empower all users to unleash the potential of blockchain technology in the convenience of one simple.