7) What is Crypto Gaming? How Can You Benefit From Playing Blockchain-based Games on Legion Arcadia?

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5 min readDec 30, 2021
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Crypto gaming allows enthusiastic gamers to own the items acquired in the games, sell them as NFTs for cryptocurrencies, and earn a profit. They can also create new skins and weapons and trade them as NFTs. Besides, games on Legion Arcadia allow participants to enter exclusive contests and win handsome rewards. Learn how you can do all this and more by merely playing blockchain-based online games.

Cryptocurrency has made rapid strides in recent times by designing advanced blockchain networks that improve the entire industry. It is poised to revolutionize various industrial sectors, especially for areas related to financial and digital assets. Digital assets are present in gaming, art, memberships and many more. As a result, it has attracted young investors and enthusiastic game developers to create innovative games based on blockchain technology. While enhancing gaming experiences manifold, crypto technology has also allowed game developers to use emerging concepts like NFTs. For instance, the Legion Network has taken the lead by crowdsourcing design concepts for unique weapons and skins from enthusiastic gamers. It allows them to create NFTs, trade them, and even get royalties on in-game purchases. The following sections discuss the concept of crypto gaming and how one can benefit from playing blockchain-based games.

What is Crypto Gaming?

Traditional games are played on a centralized platform where one cannot use the characters, skins, coding, and weapons designed for a specific game for other games. However, crypto gaming is different as it allows its participants to own particular parts of the games. As a result, the characters and other resources associated with a specific game can work with other games. Besides this, gamers can trade their rewards and in-game purchases with other games. Thus, it enables them to enhance their overall gaming experience and earn passive income through royalties.

How Crypto Gaming Works?

Crypto gaming is different from traditional gaming in many respects. First, while the game developer owns the gaming assets like skins, characters, weapons, vehicles, etc., used in traditional gaming, the users own these resources in a crypto game. Secondly, crypto games are developed on blockchain networks. Therefore, all the connected gaming terminals have access to the same information. By decentralizing the control over data, it gives equal powers and authority to gamers and developers alike.
Crypto games implement blockchain technology in two ways.
The developers create the entire game on the blockchain.
They use it for in-game purchases and trading for cryptocurrency.
The former requires verification of every interaction within the game stored in new blocks on the blockchain. On the other hand, NFTs play a significant role in in-game purchases and trading. It allows gamers to make money from crypto gaming.

How Can Gamers Make Money From Crypto Gaming?
In crypto gaming, the players own digital assets like skins, vehicles, weapons, and other gaming accessories. Gamers can sell them to other players online by receiving cryptocurrency in return. These cryptos can then be exchanged for fiat currency, thus enabling gamers to make money from crypto gaming. Another way of earning income from crypto gaming is participating in gaming contests online and winning rewards in cryptos. The Legion Network also offers various other avenues for gamers to make money from crypto gaming.

The Legion Network — Earn Active And Passive Income Through NFTs

Innovation is essential in the gaming world to always remain ahead of the competition. Therefore, game developers would love to crowdsource the creative processes from enthusiastic gamers and fans. In addition, gamers know more about gaming accessories than anyone else. Hence, they are better positioned to design innovative player skins and weapons to improve the gaming experience when they have the development know-how.
The Legion Network encourages game developers to tap into the NFT market and involve creative and talented gamers in game development. These NFTs are then available for sale as in-game purchases. Interested gamers can purchase these resources by paying cryptocurrency. The Legion Network allows game developers to introduce innovative contests for gaming enthusiasts and use their creativity to produce NFTs. The NFT technology ensures that the ownership of these resources remains with the original creators.

The embedded smart contracts ensure that the creators share the royalties on every subsequent sale transaction concerning the specific digital asset. Every time a gamer makes an in-game purchase of weapons and skins, a particular proportion of the sale amount gets credited to the original creator’s account as royalty income. Thus, creative gamers get an opportunity to earn continuous passive income.

Legion Arcadia — Integrated Gamification Features on the Legion Network

The Legion Network offers gamification (GameFi) features by developing its native NFT-based crypto games through Legion Arcadia. Legion users can participate in contests and complete simple tasks to win attractive weekly crypto prizes. Besides, it offers daily challenges to gamers to win crypto prizes on different games available on the platform.

Legion Arcadia is a unique gamification platform that allows players to earn LGX tokens for every game they play on it. Gamers can top the leaderboard and win daily cash prizes. Besides, they get the opportunity to join a specific community representing like-minded gamers and developers. Arcadia keeps adding new games to the platform with regular updates. The Legion Network has allocated 30% of its LGX tokens to the community to ensure there are sufficient tokens for all participants.

Final Words

The Legion Network understands that NFTs are the way forward to the future. Therefore, it targets game developers and active gamers to create NFTs and trade them as in-game purchases to allow gamers to indulge in crypto gaming and earn active income in the form of cryptocurrency. Besides, every subsequent transaction involving their digital assets enables them to earn passive income in the form of royalties. Moreover, gamers can participate in contests and earn rewards to supplement their income generation. Thus, compared to traditional gaming, crypto gaming offers more opportunities to earn income from gaming activities. Thus, the NFT concept has proved beneficial as it opens innovative avenues for game developers and crypto gamers to make a substantial income.

Legion Network’s super app is launching on 10th January 2021. It will feature Arcadia for games, and other rewards sections of the app allowing users to earn cryptocurrency.

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